Whether you are a one man company or employ more than 100 employees, with Flexigo you can benefit from our shared/pooled shuttle model (via our online services) on seat basis.

Before Flexigo


Long and exhaustive commutes involving multiple transportation modes
Indefinite commute hours specific to the current situation of Istanbul
Inefficient process despite high costs
Problems regarding safety, reliability and access

After Flexigo


The comfort of travelling with an employee commute shuttle service
Opportunity to record the service invoices as expense
Maximum employee satisfaction in exchange for a reasonable cost
Commuting is no longer "an issue"


Let’s Meet


Click on the link at the end of the page. Please share some brief information and your contact number with us. Please share some brief information and your contact number with us. Your customer representative who will be assisting you throughout the entire process will contact you and register you to the system. We currently provide services to companies at Kağıthane and Maslak districts of Istanbul. Even if your workplace is located outside these areas, please complete our pre-registration process. Our target for 2018 year-end is to cover 80% of Istanbul. While expanding our range, we will be taking into consideration the requests received from districts.

Digital Experience Starts Now…


Following the pre-registration, Flexigo online platform registration of your company and your employees who will benefit from a commute shuttle service will be completed with the support of your customer representative. From thereon the process will be managed online over Flexigo. After the employee adds his house on the system, the system determines the optimum path, makes the necessary designations, and sends you notifications. From this point on you will be only a few weeks away from using the employee commute shuttle service. In parallel with this process, without any delay we will be completing the stages of submitting an offer, and signing of the contract between Flexigo and your company.

A New Period where you will totally forget how you used to commute to work before Flexigo


From now on you as a Company will be able to provide your employees a commute shuttle service with the same level of quality offered by big firms in the sector. And it comes with Flexigo digital experience…. In addition to financial advantages of Flexigo, employees will commute to and from work in a safe and comfortable way. It is possible to manage the entire process transparently over Flexigo web and mobile applications. Through their mobile app, users can submit their complaints to Flexigo support units when they experience any process related problem, knowing that their problem will be resolved in the shortest time possible.

Pay as you Go

Every month you pay as much as you use the service, and the payment is calculated according to seat purchasing prices determined for the contracted region. You will be presented online and in a fully transparent way information like the employees that purchased the service, vehicles’ previous location and route information, time of arrival time to virtual stops, time of arrival to and departure from the company, vehicle and driver related documents, violations, complaints and requests, if any, and responses thereof. If there is any discrepancy between the committed service and service rendered, required purchasing price reflections and adjustments will be made.



  • When the companies are paying the commuting expenses of their employees by deducting the costs from the employee's net salary, the costs are not exempted from income tax and SSI employer premium. To illustrate gross cost of a payment of TL 200 may reach up to TL 350. Whereas when you record the service fee invoice issued by Flexigo as expense and deduct it from corporate tax, you get 20% advantage. For instance net cost of a service invoice amounting to TL 350 shall be TL 280 after corporation tax exemption.
  • One of the most important factors in the success of a company is to build the right team and to deepen their loyalty to the company. As you can offer your employees a commute shuttle service thanks to Flexigo, you will have an advantage as a Company both in terms of the recruitment process and employee satisfaction.
  • Thanks to Flexigo, you will be able to regulate the work arrival and departure time of your employees as well as increasing their productivity. Because they will arrive the work relaxed and rested instead of feeling tired. They will no longer be stressing about their commute back to home that day.


  • They will be travelling with a single mode of transportation, and will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing ride. They can work or rest during the ride, it will be all up to them. They will no longer have to struggle with the bad weather conditions and disruptions in public transportation in the given circumstances of Istanbul.
  • Commuting times will be more regular. Everyday stress of being late to work or home will be relieved. With Flexigo digital experience, you may track your service vehicle online, be alerted of any delays and you won't have to wait in the bus stop in cold weathers.
  • Thanks to Flexigo shared/pooled shuttle service model, you will have the opportunity to socialize with the people who work in the same building with you or in adjacent buildings. Shared/pooled service offers both social and environment related advantages. Each commute shuttle means there will be 4-5 vehicles less on the road.

Current Service Areas

We are expanding our operations to serve to offices in other districts of Istanbul.
Please contact us right away so that we can give you priority.

If you do not commute with an employee commute shuttle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flexigo an Employee Transportation Service?

No. Flexigo is an employee service request and management platform. It helps companies that ride with employee commute shuttle services to manage this process in an easier and more efficient way. Also with its shared/pooled shuttle service model Flexigo provides administrative and cost advantages to the companies with fewer employees, who are not able to benefit from employee commute shuttle service for operational and cost-related reasons. Flexigo does not own any employee commute shuttle vehicles. It works with business partners and suppliers in this respect. If you decide to benefit from our shared/pooled shuttle service, your sole point of contact shall be Flexigo both in regards to contracts, operations and invoicing.

How do you calculate the Purchasing Price?

Purchasing Price is determined monthly on seat basis. Main determinants of the purchasing price are the distance, number of users on company basis and your period of commitment. In any case our consultants will offer you a service package that will be much more advantageous than your current alternative, in terms of comfort, safety and costs. Please contact us for more information.

What if the number of employees is reduced or employees’ home address dispersion changes?

In such a case all you have to do is edit required information over our online portal. The rest will be handled by Flexigo operation team and we will send a notification through our mobile app about the designated virtual stop for the employee whose home address has changed or who has recently been recruited.

Is the walk to the virtual stop long? Will the trip take long?

The main purpose of the shared/pooled shuttle model is to ensure the employees walk the shortest distance to the virtual stops and reach their home or work by spending minimum time on the shuttle. Therefore we constantly try to keep the walking distance to the virtual stops and “travelling time comfort score” (time spent travelling in car/commute shuttle) at the best levels possible. We always share over Flexigo the planned and actual values in respect of walking distances and travel times. All processes carried out at Flexigo are transparent.