Effective Management from a Single Point

  • Easy tracking and management over dashboard
  • Guaranteed transparency among all relevant parties
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Cost Reduction with Capacity Management

  • Cost savings thanks to tracking of the planned and actual usage rates, maintaining high occupancy rates, and operating with optimum number of commute shuttles.
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Cost Reduction with Route Optimization

  • Routes replanned according to required criteria enables number of vehicles to be reduced and routes to be shortened.
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Employee Satisfaction

  • Fast registration, option to select route of your own
  • Ability to track the location of the commutee shuttle through the app, and to receive alerts when the commute shuttle approaches the virtual stop
  • Easy communication of requests and complaints, fast response
  • Minimum travel time with optimum routes
  • Navigating to a different address by viewing other commute shuttle routes
  • Being informed of the changes on time thanks to notifications
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Fast, Easy and Accurate Calculation of Supplier’s Payments

  • Save time thanks to fast calculation, online internal and supplier approval mechanism
  • Fair allocation of costs thanks to the principle of distributing the costs on affiliate basis
  • Determining the optimum service purchasing pricing model using the costing simulator
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Save Time, Take Fast Action with Request and Complaint Management through a Single Platform

  • All complaints and demands are submitted to a single platform. The employee does not have to bother with calling the administrative affairs, and the administrative affairs no longer has to follow up with the supplier hundreds of different requests submitted via different emails. Bulk or service based notifications are sent from a single platform.
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Save Time and Ensures Compliance with Regulation with our Online Document Management Function

  • The documents in relation with the vehicle and drivers are entered to the system by the supplier.
  • Automatic alert is issued about missing documents, expired documents and vehicles.
  • Vehicles’ and drivers compliance with criteria is guaranteed.
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Employees Safety

  • Tracking and analyzing whether vehicles are driven safely
  • Following up vehicles and drivers compliance with regulation, the driver black list feature
  • Picking up and dropping disabled persons and pregnant women from their home
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Online and Easy Access to All Logs

  • Extensive report menu suitable for the requirements of each department
  • Supplier, administrative affairs, finance, management perspectives
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