Standard Package

  • Executive summary with dashboard
  • Manages employees’ entry-exit to workplace by integrating the system with the HR system of the company
  • Designates the right commute shuttle for the newly recruited employee
  • Enters the company locations to the system (headquarter, branches etc.)
  • Identifies routes and virtual stops, designates virtual stops for employees
  • Displays the walking distance of the employee to the virtual stop and the slope of the road
  • Employee-based travel time and distances.
  • Calculates comfort score for employees (ratio of the time spent travelling to work by car vs. by commute shuttle)
  • Enters commute shuttles and drivers, checks their eligibility, black list function
  • Vehicle and driver document management
  • Tracks current and past location, speed, km, route the commute shuttles*
  • Trip Management and reporting, tracks actual*and occupancy rates
  • Tracks violations: early departure, late arrival, virtual stops skipped*
  • Statistics on route, premise and employee basis
  • Extensive reporting options

* Vehicle tracking module is required

Employee Module

Mobile App and Web

  • Enters and updates home address and location
  • Informs the center of his commute shuttle choice
  • Accesses information on commute shuttle, the driver and route
  • Tracks location of the commute shuttle*
  • Sends notices when the commute shuttle approaches the virtual stop designated*
  • Ability to search for different commute shuttles and to view the occupancy rate (to travel to a different address for a single trip)
  • Submits complaints and proposals to the center and views the responses
  • Access to general notifications or commute shuttle specific notifications
  • Ability to make reservations for other or commute shuttles (Marmaray shuttle, Taksim shuttle etc.)

* Vehicle tracking module is required

Costing and Invoicing Module

  • Calculates instant and monthly supplier’s payment on route, premise and company basis
  • Compares budgeted and actual costs
  • Calculates using purchasing price algorithms determined for individual items under the title of daily base price, km unit price, bridge toll, road toll, fuel
  • Compares different costing and invoicing models with simulations, and determines the most accurate costing and invoicing model
  • Ability to perform retrospective reflections on accounts
  • Follows-up and manages payments for extra trips
  • Deducts approved penalties from supplier’s payments
  • Displays costs on parent company and subcompanies basis, with detailed breakdown on employee and department basis
  • Online reconciliation (intercompany and with the commute shuttle company)
  • Online confirmation mechanism
  • Transfers costing and invoicing file to Excel format

Route Optimization Module

  • Route optimization on basis of specified criteria
    • Shows maximum walking distance from your home to the virtual stop
    • Shows occupancy rate max./min.
    • Shows earliest travel start / latest completion time
    • Shows maximum km / time
    • Picking up disabled persons and pregnant women from their home
  • Operation on route(s) basis or geographical region basis or on both
  • Accurate measurements and result based on traffic information and geographical coordination
  • Calculates new routes starting from virtual stops or home addresses
  • Compares results obtained before and after optimization
  • The confirmation process of any route change (online) within the company and with the commute shuttle company

Vehicle Tracking Module

  • Ability to instantly and retroactively track the commute shuttle’s location, speed and km on Map
  • Ability to track the start time of the trip, time of arrival to and departure from virtual stops and time of arrival to the premises
  • Tracks violations
    • Shows delays in start of the trip
    • Shows any late arrivals to, and early departures from the virtual stops
    • Shows virtual stops skipped
    • Shows speed violation
    • Shows any late arrivals to, and early departures from the premise
  • Checks the distance between the route planned and actual route
  • Measures extra distance or additional trips made due to any extra work (overtime etc.) or any change in the route arising from road works

Employee Tracking Module

Installation Alternatives:

System with card reader: The system works by holding the cards used to enter the company or cards provided by Flexigo, over the card reader (installed next to the door) when getting on and off the commute shuttle. A vehicle tracking module needs to be purchased.

System with barcode scanner: The system works using the mobile app to scan the qr codes placed on the shuttle doors and inside the shuttle. Purchasing a vehicle tracking module is not a requirement.


  • Tracks the time the employee gets on the commute shuttle at which virtual stop
  • Compares the planned vs. actual occupancy rate
  • Determines the employees who do not take a commute shuttle service
  • Non-users right to benefit from the service is forfeited after sending them an automatic information and reminder mail
  • Displays the employee’s right to take the commute shuttle for which he has made reservation to

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