Enabling the well-being of people, organizations, and the world through shared mobility.


Flexigo is a fully-serviced (with a driver), commuter shuttle service that enables organizations to grow and maintain a healthy, happy, and effective workforce while reducing the financial and environmental costs of commuting.


Rider Benefits

  • Save up to 60% by switching from driving to work.
  • Eliminate the stress and anxiety attributed to driving to work.
  • Increased access to job opportunities.
  • “Found time” to work remotely in wifi-enabled shuttles or relax.
  • Always on time to work, with minimal carbon footprint.

Employer Benefits

  • Up to 70% reduction in employer costs of commuting.
  • Recruit top talent by improving accessibility and offering commuter benefits.
  • Up to 50% reduction in employee turnover and turnover related costs.
  • Lifts the hiring restraints related to limited parking and parking costs
  • Flexigo is a Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit so both employers and employees receive pre-tax benefits.

Environmental Benefits

  • Less traffic: Each shuttle removes up to 15 vehicles from traffic on rush hours.
  • Less parking, more green areas: Removing 15 vehicles per shuttle frees up 2700 square feet allocated as office parking.
  • Less CO2 emissions: Each employee driving to work causes additional 2 tons of CO2 per year.
  • Easier and access to jobs especially for the lower income groups w/out further investment on transportation infrastructure.

System Components

How It Works

Call us or let us call you to go through your requirements, priorities and pre-tax benefit ordinance details.


Draft quotation is prepared within one working day once we get the zip code list of your team’s home locations (no personal details needed).



Upon signing the NDA and the contract and updating the rider list (manually or through HR integration APIs) we send a welcome e-mail to each rider.


Those that opt in to use the shuttle complete the registration by marking the exact location of their homes.

Using the home locations of riders, first a pickup location within 1000ft of the riders’ homes are assigned.


Our proven routing algorithms then assign shuttles, reroutes or creates new shuttle routes running between these stops and the office.  Routes are always kept up to date by the system when people join or leave.

Forget the hassle and stress of driving.  Enjoy reliable, safe and punctual shuttle rides to your work.  Arrive rested at your office door step.  No need to search for parking.


Through the Flexigo mobile app, you’ll have access to their shuttle information including live location, alternate shuttle routes and customer support in real time location.

Corporations have access to the details of the commuter service provided through a web based portal.


In addition to making sure that all SLAs are met through simple dashboards, you’ll have access to a host of reports that ensure you comply with pre-tax commuter benefit ordinances.






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