We provide you a single platform for the end-to-end management of the entire employee commute shuttle service process.
Reduce your costs by 30%, save up to 60% of the work hours dedicated to the management of suppliers and processes, ensure process transparency, enjoy safer, shorter and happier journeys


Reduces Costs

  • Shortened travel time, increased occupancy rate and decreased number of routes with the tracking and optimization function.
  • Calculating purchasing price accurately and effectively, and the net supplier's payments easily with the purchasing price simulator.
  • Savings up to 30% thanks to transparency, optimization and higher precision in measurability.

Saves Time

  • Handling of entries and exits of employees, and all related changes by Flexigo and the employees.
  • Spending minimum time on calculation of Supplier's payments thanks to complaint and request management function.
  • Managing the entire process from a single screen effortlessly with up to 60% less time.

Improves Employee Satisfaction

  • Easy online registration, and option to select your own service online. Minimum walking distance from your home to the virtual stop.
  • Ability to track your own commute shuttle, and to view the routes and virtual stops of all other commute shuttles through the mobile app.
  • Short, on-time and safe trips. Easy lodging and resolution of requests and complaints through the mobile app.

System Components

Steps of The Process

Creating Companies and Registering Employees in the System

To begin with a company (companies) shall be created in the system with the title of parent company and subcompanies/affiliates, if any. If your company has a human resources management system, Flexigo will integrate with this system and retrieve the updated list of employees therefrom, and with periodic checks the list will be automatically updated for any employee recruited or resigned. If you do not have such a system in your company, you will be entering the information about your employees on department basis, using the template Excel tables we will be providing you.

Employees whose registration process is completed will receive a Welcome email inviting them to the system, and the format of this email will again be determined by you. Users will complete the registration process by entering their home locations on the system either through Flexigo web page or our mobile app, as easily as they do every day by using the share location function on their phones.

Entering Current Commute Shuttle Routes and Vehicle-Driver Info to the System

Your current commute shuttle routes are transferred to the system through Flexigo driver app or via trackers to be installed on vehicles. The virtual stops where the employees are picked up by the commute shuttle are entered in the system. After these data are entered to the system, according to the criteria (walking distance, travel time, cost etc…) set by you Flexigo will optimize the routes straightaway or on a later date. Flexigo always tracks the time employees enter and exit the workplace, and whether they changed their addresses, making sure the employee reaches his workplace travelling via the most efficient route, and ensuring the company manages the process within the most reasonable budget possible. This process between the employee, the company and commute shuttle supplier is managed with complete transparency.

Suppliers sign-in the Flexigo web app and log in all their vehicles, drivers and documents the system. From this point on it is the responsibility of Flexigo to maintain these documents completely and up-to-date. Upon your discretion, with just one click you can charge a penalty (concerning the documents not completed on time) deductible from the relevant supplier’s payment. It is possible to black list the drivers with unsatisfactory performance, and from that point on they will not be able to work for you even through another supplier.

Managing All Phases of the Employee Commute Shuttle Service Online

You can follow up live over a dashboard all the processes on the routes for which employee, vehicle and route planning is made, and view the details of any unexpected condition and the system will even alert you by sending automatic notifications on the go. In addition to instant information about all processes, you may also view reports on past information. Decisions requiring approval can be reached within the company or through digital means by integrating the supplier to the process and changes made can be recorded.

Effectively handling of employee requests and complaints

It is much easier now to manage requests and complaints, which used to be forwarded via email and phone, and shared with suppliers, with no follow up of the outcome. The requests and complaints employees submit to the Flexigo mobile or web app are escalated to administrative affairs unit, following a pre-assessment thereby these are either shared with the relevant departments within the company or forwarded to the suppliers, and after gathering necessary comments and responses, the employee receives a response about the action taken. This way employee requests are handled promptly before the problem gets worse, and the entire process is recorded and the system continues to manage the process by improving it.

Managing the Digital Costing & Invoicing Process

As all the processes are together recorded with the data created by the system on daily basis and updated by users, it is easier for all parties to manage the costing & invoicing at the end of the month. The net amount to be paid to the suppliers is determined by first calculating the total Supplier’s payment using the Supplier’s payment calculation method to be applied according to actual number of trips realized on route basis, or the vehicle type or the route (base fee, KM fee, bridge toll, road toll etc.), and then deducting from this amount the penalties issued within the month. The system distributes this cost on item by item basis to affiliates, sister corporations and below these to the departments and employees thereof, and issues brief statements in that respect. This way settlement of costs among sister corporations can be made quite easily. If preferred, you can integrate Flexigo to finance/accounting programs of your company to ensure all invoices are issued automatically.


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