About Us

At Flexigo, we are committed to redefine the commute experience through shared, optimised and fully serviced and digitally managed shuttle rides. Our two key products are Flexigo Pool and Flexigo Enterprise.

Flexigo Pool is a fully serviced shared commuter shuttle service that corporations can book per seat for their employees commute requirements. Based on the commuters’ home locations the system picks them up from virtual stops within walking distance to their homes and takes them to work with through fastest calculated route in the morning, and back home in the evening. The service improves the commute experience for employees, while lowering the cost for the employer through shared costs and tax benefits.

Better than cars, more comfortable than public transport: Flexigo Pool shuttle ride is more economical, environmentally responsible and comfortable commuting option than driving a private car. Flexigo Pool rides are more convenient and comfortable than multimodal public transport (if available). With Flexigo Pool, you don’t have to drive in rush hour traffic or struggle to keep standing in the tube or a bus. Just sit and relax, work, or watch that episode you missed last night.

Flexigo Enterprise is a cloud based commute management platform for corporations already offering commute shuttle service to their employees. It provides enhanced visibility and transparency, lowers costs, increases employee comfort and commute flexibility all at once. Integration to exiting HR systems, routing and optimization, work shift management, costing and breakdown by department, request and complaint management are the key modules enabling Flexigo Enterprise to manage the whole commute process of an employee from the day they join the company until their farewell.

Currently we operate in Istanbul, serve over 20.000 commuters and manage over 2.000 shuttles on our platform executing over 1 million trips per month.